From a favourite lipstick to a fresh pack of mints, see which items we always carry with us.



Mints over gum, definitely. They’re just so much more chic than looking like a regurgitating bovine.


Dark circles are not your friends, ever. We love Bobby Brown’s Creamy Concealer.

Hand Cream

Avoid that awful dry hand feeling and always have a tube of your favourite cream handy. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is a winner for us.

Lip Balm

Keep those lips soft especially if you are constantly in an air-conditioned environment.


Say goodbye to an oily forehead or blot your lippy. They are not just for wiping your nose.


Always carry an emergency lipstick, always. Our go-to tube is MAC Russian Red.

Your Go-To Perfume

Never leave the house without a travel-size perfume. Nothing makes us happier than a fresh sniff of our smell of the mo.


Because a lady is always prepared.

Compact Mirror

Check yourself! Especially after you’ve touched-up your lipstick.

Hair Tie

Even if you don’t need it, at least be the friend that always has a spare hair tie.


Every girl’s best friend.  Although, our sunnies are mostly on our heads – great way to keep the hair out of the face J

Nail File

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected jagged nail that keeps on snagging on everything.

Powder Compact

Freshen up your face with a long-lasting powder. MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish takes care of the shine and gives amazing coverage.

Notebook & Pen

Because you never know when the need to make a list will overcome you.


Apart from being able to receive/make calls, the odd message and update your social status, if you refuse to wear a watch, this is a definite essential.