Individual statement?
An expression of style and unique taste?
Completing an outfit and defining it?
Double tick.

So what makes a SQUARE MOON bag different than that little number perched in the boutique window you pass every day?

The designs are sculptural – we’re not talking nip/tuck! Your bag will be a practical work of art. It embodies a superior understanding of form versus function – the result of boundaries constantly pushed. Think of it as your very own collector’s item.

Boring, safe purses, over embellished and mass produced articles are not going to fly with us.

Each handbag in our collection is custom designed and made by hand, using high quality fabrics and finishes. Leather, vegan leather, fabric – you name it. Let’s just say our relationship with SA’s ostrich industry is in a permanent honeymoon phase.

Let’s delve deeper. We offer a set number of designs in our collection and a specific number of variations of each design per collection. So the chances of you bumping into Clarissa with the same bag, is virtually zero.

Life, experiences and the intriguing shapes and structures that we encounter along the way transform into SQUARE MOON bags. Every bag has her very own story. Add the vibrancy of local fabrics from shwe-shwe to über-chic; a spoonful of human emotions and Voila!

Our bags are designed and made in Cape Town – design capital of the world. Local industry and talent get full support whilst mass production is regarded in the same light as mom jeans.



And the award goes to…

We recently won the first prize at MIPEL baby! It’s one of the most prestigious handbag trade shows in the world and hosted in Milan.



We are Proudly South African nogal:

  • All design, development and production take place locally and our suppliers are small businesses. SQUARE MOON supports the local economy and previously disadvantaged communities. 95% of the team creating each and every facet of this venture is part of the High Heel Club.
  • We use locally designed and printed SA fabrics and materials wherever possible.
  • All trims and accessories are made by local companies specifically for SQUARE MOON, or purchased from SA suppliers – nothing is imported directly for us.
  • We’re passionate about showcasing our country’s design and manufacturing capabilities.

We don’t pay lip service to be environmentally responsible. Local manufacturing of all components translates into a smaller carbon footprint. Nee mense, ruining the planet in the name of profit is as much a no go as wearing crocs to a sunset concert.



The name is Lani with an i. Lani Edwards.

The roots of SQUARE MOON bags dip into architecture and design. With sketchbook in hand, interior designer Lani Edwards creates the “swoon” in SQUARE MOON. The world of fashion and design puts the fizz in her tonic. Ms. L believes a handbag should provide the proverbial “pop” in your outfit and make you feel fab and more confident than Angelina Jolie in front of paparazzi cameras.

Your interior designer has been honing her craft for the past two decades with her own successful interior design business, who did it.

The decision to invest her time in designing and producing these unique beauties was born out of frustration by the selection of bags typically available in South Africa. Ooh eh eh. She found them to be oh so predictable and bland. Don’t even mention over embellished, with the majority mass produced.

Of course Miss L has a design philosophy. Truth and honesty. As well-known architect Mies van der Rohe put it, “God is in the details.”

For Lani, a handbag isn’t receptacle to carry your powder and paint. It’s an essential part of any ensemble.

Right, so all that’s left to say, go wild choosing your SQUARE MOON bag!