extending the life of your squaremoon handbag

You have just unwrapped your beauty and are ready to show her off…all the time. Yay! She accompanies you to the office, the store, lunch with the girls, etc. And even though she deserves every bit of attention on all her adventures, she also requires some loving care from you to keep her looking fabulous. The good news on the caring-part is that it doesn’t need to take forever to keep her looking beautiful if you regularly follow these tips.

Let’s start with what you carry around with you:
Do you really need both those heavy note books? Really? How about all the make-up paraphernalia? Try and not put too many things in your bag. The weight alone will alter her shape and might damage the handles.

If you want to keep the interior spotless, store you belongings in little bags. Apart from conserving the lining, it is always easier to find your belongings if they are kept in separate compartments. Do you have your make-up, your lipstick and your powder in a separate little bag or are those things everywhere? And the pens? If you store all of them in a separate bag as well, you’ll avoid nasty pen-leaks.

Keys with their sharp edges? Do you throw them in or use the little key-fob that we’ve lovingly sewn into the lining? Another no-no: refrain from carrying any chocolate, food, sweets or beverages with you. Especially on a hot summer’s day.

Where do you leave your bag?
If you just said the floor then shame on you!! There is a reason why we supply a handbag hanger with each bag that we sell. Floors are dirty, dusty and crawling with all sorts of bad-ass bacteria. And then we’re not even talking about the public restroom….yuck. If there is no hook on the back of the loo door, slip your bag over you neck. This is of course while your thigh muscles are quivering from the strain of keeping your bottom off the seat. Hello multi-tasking! In the restaurant, please use your handbag hanger or if the table is too thick, place your beauty on your lap or on the chair next to you. At home, treat her the same way. Put her on a hat stand or tuck her away (in her dust bag) in the wardrobe. There is simply no good reason why your handbag should ever have a close encounter with any floor.

How do you store your handbag when she’s taking a day off?
Each of our bags is sold with a cotton dust bag that protects the bag from light and dust. Before you pack her away, stuff her with some loosely balled up tissue paper – uncoloured of course. This will help her retain her shape. A quick roll on the inside with a lint brush also won’t go amiss and next time you unwrap her, she’ll be in tip-top shape.

Clean those hands regularly!
Straps and handles of any bag are easily discoloured or soiled when we handle them after we put on our hand cream and make-up. These products contain oils and waxes that leave a nasty build-up on your handbag. They are definitely not compatible with the fabric coating that we use, neither engineered leather nor even real leather.

Keep you darling dry.
Sounds silly but if it is raining cats and dogs, consider grabbing a less special handbag. If you can’t resist though and she does get wet, wipe away the excess moisture with a soft cloth and leave it to dry naturally. You can even stuff her with newsprint (NOT newspaper) to help soak up the water.

Is your zip a tad stiff? Rub candle wax on it and it will work as easy as a new one. Just don’t get any wax on the body or handles of the bag.

If your bag does get soiled, use a mild soap and soft cloth to gently remove the spot. Please do not use any chemicals – it will cause more damage. And no machine wash! There are components in the bag that will get damaged. Be aware of blue jeans. The dye is a bugger to get off fabric, leather and for engineered leather, a death wish!

Follow or at least consider these tips when you use your handbag. Your priority is to keep your bag looking good and stain free and to enjoy using it for years to come.