Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I want to place an order, but want to know first how much the postage or delivery will be?

If you have an SA ID, postage is free. For overseas orders, please contact us on with your address and we’ll deliver it to you in the most cost-effective way.

  1. I placed an order and haven’t heard anything.

If you did not receive a response, please contact us immediately.

48 hours later and you still haven’t heard from us? (Provided it’s not the weekend or a public holiday in SA) Please check your junk mail folder and the email address you’ve entered in your account on the website.

Still not?

Then send an email to: so that we can get the ball rolling. If you didn’t receive the automated email from the shopping cart showing your order, there’s definitely a problem with your email address rejecting ours. Emails from the site are sometimes not received or blocked as spam and unless the email comes back as undeliverable, we have no idea that you haven’t received your email. This is all very admin, but usually the reason behind it all.

  1. How long until my parcel arrives?

An email is sent to let you know your payment has been received. The moment that email is sent, we busy bees start buzzing to get your beauty done. Give us about 3 weeks, please? When she’s done, we’ll let you know and she’ll be on her merry way.

Once the parcels are dispatched, it takes about 2 – 3 days to be delivered. Parcels within South Africa rarely take longer than 3 days, even to outlying areas. For overseas orders, please contact us if your order hasn’t arrived within 3 weeks of the date of posting.

By all means, contact us at: if you are concerned that your parcel has not arrived.

  1. I can’t pay the PayFast request, because you’ve sent it to the wrong email address.

Even though we’d like to work miracles, we only have the email address you’ve entered at the time of registering your account in the shopping cart. Please check that this is the same as your PayFast email address. Or, add a comment to the order requesting that the request be sent to suchandsuch an email address.

  1. I don’t have a PayFast account. How can I make a secure online payment?

You don’t need a PayFast account to pay via PayFast. Simple as that.

  1. How do I change my preferred method of payment (or anything else) on my order once I’ve submitted it?

There’s no need to reach for the tranquilizers. It’s easy to change any aspect of your order by simply contacting us and letting us know. Remember, you’re not a number; you’re a customer with a capital C. You can fax: +27 86 660 7806 or email with any changes. No sweat.

  1. Can I cancel my order?

Whoops! Orders cannot be cancelled, but wait, wait! You may return items in keeping with our 7-day return policy.

  1. What is the return policy?

Remember the number 7. Merchandise can be returned for up to 7 days from the date you received it.

  1. How do I return merchandise?

The item will be returnable via courier once you’ve notified us and booked a return.

  1. How can I find out if my return has been received?

You’ll receive an email confirmation that lists all the merchandise processed for return as well as the amount credited to your account.

  1. Grrrr!!!An item that I want is sold out. Will it ever become available again?

Only if the item has not been discontinued. Here’s a tip. Visit the site on a regular basis to not miss out on new designs.