There you are, prancing around, looking at your reflection from every conceivable direction to ensure that the latest ‘it’ accessory flatters each of your gorgeous angles. You’ve snapped a selfie, consulted friends, and, for better or worse, ultimately pull the trigger on a purchase or put it back on the rack.

But did you make the right decision?

Fear not. We have compiled a few quick questions that you might want to ask yourself before heading to the register. It will save you from buyer’s remorse or a mean case of the should-have-bought-it.

It’s not a great deal if you never wear it. End of story.

If it chafes, pinch or dig-in you’ve got to ditch it.

Label junkie is not a good look.

That five-for-nothing deal is intended to suck you in. Resist!

Quick! Think of three outfits you’d wear with this piece. Can’t do it? Put it back on the rack.

If you're thinking, “This would be great for some unspecified black-tie-event I could potentially be invited to in the future," we have four words for you: put it back now.

You know yourself best. Do you store your bags properly? If not, skip the delicate embellishments and silks.

“I can totally afford this if I don’t eat out this month.” No. You will still eat out, and you will be poor.

Don’t own a black bag? Go ahead and buy one. Have three? Maybe pass, even if it’s sooo fabulous.

You’re known for fabric boho slings and you’re buying a leather structured briefcase. If it feels wrong, it’s going to look wrong.

If you’re vacillating now, that poor handbag is bound to be neglected.